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Hogan Mfg., Inc. Purchases Harley Murray, a Leading Heavy-Haul Trailer Manufacturer

Escalon, CA – Hogan Mfg., Inc. (“Hogan”) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Harley Murray, Inc., a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment hauling trailers effective December 31, 2018.

The acquisition of Harley Murray expands Hogan’s high-quality, American-made product offerings and allows Hogan to leverage their state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities toward a new industry. “We have the capacity and manufacturing expertise needed to successfully increase production while maintaining the high quality and standards Murray Trailers are known for.” said Hogan Mfg. COO, Zach Hogan.

Hogan’s national sales presence will provide Murray Trailers with a platform to reach new customers. “Our goal is to leverage our national sales team to expand the geographic reach of Murray Trailers, making them a national brand,” said Hogan Mfg. Chief Marketing Officer, John Fusco.

“Hogan is excited to carry on the Murray Trailers legacy,” said Hogan Mfg. CFO, Joe DeBiasio. “We are a family-owned and customer-focused business and welcome their employees and customers to the Hogan family. With our technology and equipment, and Murray’s talented team, we will take Murray Trailers to the next level.” Hogan has hired existing Murray staff and will maintain manufacturing at Murray’s Stockton facility.

Harley Murray Inc. is a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment hauling trailers, headquartered in Stockton, California. Harley Murray’s innovative low-bed trailer was the first on the market and has set a high standard within the industry. The company holds patents on its exclusive design features, creating a superior line of production trailers.

“I’m honored to be working with the accomplished Hogan Team during the transition” stated Douglas Murray, Harley Murray Inc. CEO, “they bring 75 years of manufacturing experience to the table.  I am confident Hogan Manufacturing will take Murray Trailer to the next level in the low-bed industry.”

DCA Partners, LLC served as the buy-side M&A advisor to Hogan on the acquisition.

About Hogan Mfg., Inc

Hogan Mfg., Inc. was founded in 1944 as a sheet metal shop under the name California Blowpipe and Steel Company. Over its long history, Hogan Mfg., Inc. has fabricated a diverse set of products across a variety of industries. This allowed the Company to make significant investments in its facilities, equipment and technology that has allowed us to continually expand our products and service offerings. Today, the Company provides full-service contract manufacturing to a variety of customers across various industries worldwide. Hogan Mfg., Inc. also designs, engineers, manufactures and sells its own line of accessibility products.

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Hogan Employs Certified Welders

Hogan Employs Certified Welders

Manual welding projects with our certified welders will meet or exceed all industry standards. Hogan Mfg. employs a Certified Weld Inspector to make sure all welding is completed to our customers’ specifications.

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Hogan Mfg., Inc. | New AKS Plasma Table

New AKS Plasma Table

The “accu-kut” is the only plasma cutter in the industry that is truly built to machine tool standards. It is the premium platform for use with all HyDefinition® and HyPerformance® torch systems, allowing users to achieve the optimal utilization of High Density plasma cutting technology. With a “robo-kut” 5-axis plasma bevel head is able to bevel up to +/- 45 degrees with unlimited winding. Outfitted with a “tube-kut” cutting system for shops that need the versatility of both flat plate and pipe & tube cutting in a single system.

This simple system greatly increases flexibility, while saving space and capital investment, compared to a dedicated pipe & tube cutting system.

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Hogan Mfg. Inc | Solar Panel Installation

Hogan Mfg., Inc. Embraces Sustainability

Hogan Mfg., Inc. values sustainability and is always considering ways to reduce our impact on the environment. With our new 750KW PV Solar System, we are doing just that. Hogan Mfg., Inc. will now be able to self-generate 85% of its energy consumption at its primary manufacturing facility directly from the sun. This will significantly reduce our overall footprint on the environment going forward. This is just one of the investments we are making to keep our planet “green” for generations to come!

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