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Hogan Mfg., Inc. has the experience and technology to take on just about any welding project from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Our specialization in robotic welding will guarantee high volumes of parts at a superior quality. Manual welding projects with our certified welders will meet or exceed all industry standards. Hogan Mfg., Inc. employs Certified Weld Inspectors to make sure all welding is completed to our customers’ specifications.

Welding Equipment

Motoman17Welding robots have 3 to 7 positioners for manipulation during welding
Automatic Welding131/8″ Wire
Semi-Automatic Welding200Current Range 5 – 1,000 Amps (D.C. FCAW, GMAW, SAW)
Turning Rolls23100 Ton
Manipulators512′ x 12′ SAW
Gantry Welders3SAW
Welding Positioners15Power & Manual – 25 Ton
Spot Welders3100 KVA

Project Photos